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Learn About Loren’s Package Acceptance Program, Amazon Hub

February 9, 2018

Loren makes it easy and convenient to receive packages and online orders at your apartment home. More and more packages are lost or stolen each year across the country, especially around the holidays, but you can feel confident in knowing that your packages are safe, secure and will not be lost or stolen at Loren all year round.

We use the Amazon Hub Program here at Loren. So, the carrier will leave your package in a secure locker and send you a text notification to let you know that it has arrived at Loren. Once you’ve made it home from work, you can stop by the Amazon Hub station and type in the code that was sent to your phone. And voila, a locker will open and your parcel is in your hands. It’s a no-fuss solution that gives you one less thing to stress about.

Recently, our package acceptance program was featured on NBC4 News. See Loren on NBC4 News here.

“Your package stays secure, which is nice. It’s not left out on a front porch. It’s not possibly lost in the jumble of a hundred different packages. It’s right here in a specific box for [you],” Property Manager Nina Kent said in an interview with NBC4 News.

Be sure to take advantage of our package acceptance program and rest assured that your deliveries will be safe and sound when you live at Loren. Contact us today for more information on life at Loren or to schedule a tour.