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4 Plants to Buy For Your Loren Home

February 23, 2018

Looking to incorporate more greenery into your life in 2018? Decorating your Loren apartment home with indoor plants can help to combat air pollutants and reduce stress, according to experts. Consider buying one of these four low maintenance, indoor plants for your home at Loren.

Aloe Succulent

Succulents are a great, easy way to take your first steps into growing plant life. They are small and low maintenance in nature. Aloe is a beautiful succulent that produces aloe vera gel and also helps to combat pollutants and chemicals in the air. Aloe grows best in bright light with moderately dry soil. Place an Aloe Succulent on your desk or on a window ledge in your Loren home for a cute and tiny decor solution.

Asparagus Fern

The Asparagus Fern is dainty and elegant in nature with wispy, light green leaves that grow up and outward. Many plant gurus love putting their Asparagus Ferns on display in a hanging pot for this reason.

Snake Plant

The Snake Plant can range anywhere from six to 48 inches in height and is therefore loved for its dramatic height and interestingly patterned leaves. Tough in nature, this plant is easy to care for and will make a great addition to the corner of your living room or bedroom at Loren.

Cast-iron Plant

The Cast-iron Plant is a slow-growing, durable plant. It’s perfect for someone who tends to forget to be a doting plant mom or dad. It can endure a number of light settings, temperatures and neglect. It’s beautiful, large medium green leaves will perfectly contrast your living room at Loren. When purchasing, be sure to find a large plant as these are slow to grow.

Happy plant shopping. Which seedlings will you decorate with in your Loren home? We hope this list will help you get started. Welcome to plant parenthood! Contact us today for more information on life at Loren or to schedule a tour.