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Add “Hygge” to Your Apartment at Loren This Fall

September 15, 2017

At Loren, we’re fascinated by all things art, culture and design. That’s why this fall we’re taking a cue from the Danes and incorporating “hygge” into our lives. If you aren’t familiar with hygge, it’s the Danish concept for coziness and contentment. Here’s how you can add hygge to your apartment at Loren this autumn.

Keep it simple

Simplicity is key in Danish style. The easiest way to keep it simple is to focus on decluttering your space and going with simple color schemes and decor. Stick to neutral colors like blacks, whites, grays and browns before incorporating pops of accent colors throughout your home.

Make it cozy

Cozy elements are essential to creating an atmosphere of hygge. Add candles to your living space. They’ll give off a soft glow and beautiful scent. Candles are perfect for rainy days in where you can cozy up with a good read in bed. Go all out with soft blankets, fuzzy rugs and textured pillows to create an element of hygge in your space. Oftentimes, Danish cafes focus on texture to complement the simplicity of the color scheme. Emphasize the concept by playing off wooden flooring and furniture.

Spend time with loved ones

Hygge is so much more than just a design concept. It’s about the warmth and contentment we get from human connection. So, that being said, fall is the perfect time to focus on cultivating deeper friendships and familial relationships. Invite friends over for a cozy Netflix binge or gather around the fireplace in Loren’s living room lounge. Bask in the glow of fellowship and fire to add extra hygge to your life this autumn. Prepare a Friendsgiving or bake cookies in the entertaining kitchen. Feel the love and the hygge all around you as you sit down for a meal at the farmer’s table.

How will you incorporate hygge into your life at Loren? Let us know how you plan to make your space cozy this fall.